Soil Nail and Shotcrete

What could be the most efficient solution to slope stability and earth retention challenges on commercial developments if soil conditions allow? Soil nail is THE solution to today’s subsurface construction projects ranging from residential to large-scale commercial structures. Experts agree that shotcrete is the creative and cost-effective method that makes these projects an outstanding success.

If you’re looking to stabilize a retaining wall or existing fill slopes DMI Drilling Construction has 25 years of experience installing soil nail systems. DMI Drillings experience and precision when it comes to Soil Nail and Shotcrete in the Greater Seattle area can’t be beaten.


What is Soil Nail(ing)?

Soil nailing is an efficient construction technique that serves as a means of reinforcing soil to make it
more stable. Essentially, soil nailing is used for excavation, retaining walls, slopes and more with the sole
purpose increasing stability.

This technique reinforces the soil with small diameter threaded bar which are generally known as nails.
These nails are installed into pre-drilled holes and eventually grouted into place using a separate grout
line. In the course of the excavation, the shotcrete is applied to the face, as to grout the reinforcing steel or
nails, thus providing stability to the steep soil slope.

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What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is not necessarily a material; it’s actually a technique. It’s a unique process in which concrete is
pneumatically projected at high velocity onto the backup surface. Using shotcrete is sure to produce excellent
results regardless of whether shotcrete it’s wet or dry. However, it must be done with technical
precision to achieve perfection — durability, absorption, and strength.
The great thing about shotcrete is that its application process results in excellent adhesion to most
surfaces. Shotcrete delivers rapid functionality even on a complex infrastructure.

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Advantages of Shotcrete

• Shotcrete concrete layers are incredibly strong
• Reduces labor cost and time
• It can be applied on uneven surfaces, and everything can be done from a distance.

Application of Shotcrete — Where to Use It?

• Stabilizing slopes, tall vertical excavations in a permanent or temporary condition.
• Dense, stable, ground conditions.
• Architectural “carved” finish
• Lining of canals and tunnels

Why Choose DMI Drilling in Seattle Washington?

At DMI Drilling Construction, we boast up to 25 years experience of installing soil nail and shotcrete
solutions on several different structures, both residential and commercial. We use the soil nail in
conjunction with shotcrete to achieve outstanding results that are sure to stand the test of time. DMI
Drilling is your best bet if you want precise structural integrity and excellence for your
upcoming project in the Greater Puget Sound.