DMI Drilling Construction – a leading shoring contractor – over the course of several projects and years, has acquired the skills and experience needed for installing shoring in Seattle and the surrounding Pacific Northwest. Whether your project needs Soldier Piles, Tiebacks or Cross Bracing our team is equipped and ready to fulfill all your Shoring Contractor needs.



DMI Drilling has always been known as a leading Shoring Contractor in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Shoring construction is typically used when installing foundation or trenches of a building, landslide repair, or landslide stabilization. The process of Shoring is to temporarily or permanently support (prop) the surrounding loads underground until the levels of the building align to street or ground level.

DMI has mastered the technique of Shoring in the soils of Seattle and the surrounding areas. We’re experienced in Soldier Piles, Tiebacks and Cross Bracing for foundations, trenches, retaining walls and more. Soil Nail as an additional reinforcement when Shoring soil slopes, excavating or retaining walls.

When it comes to your building’s foundation you want a team that has the equipment and experience to handle all your Shoring needs – you’ve come to the right place.

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