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DMI Drilling Construction – a leading shoring contractor – over the course of several projects and years, has acquired the skills and experience needed for installing shoring in Seattle and the surrounding Pacific Northwest. Whether your project needs Soldier Piles, Tiebacks or Cross Bracing our team is equipped and ready to fulfill all your Shoring Contractor […]

Soil Nail and Shotcrete

What could be the most efficient solution to slope stability and earth retention challenges on commercial developments if soil conditions allow? Soil nail and Shotcrete is THE solution to today’s subsurface construction projects ranging from residential to large-scale commercial structures. DMI has several ACI certified nozzle-man. Experts agree that Shotcrete is the creative and cost-effective […]

Drilled Shaft Foundations

From the foundation of cell towers and bridges to transmission lines and signs – Drilled Shaft Installation is one of DMIs specialties. Select us for your team and build a strong foundation for the future.

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In order for you to be successful, you must put your best team in the field. 

DMI owns and operates a large fleet of drilling equipment based out of the Northwest. We have the equipment, experience and ability to drill shafts 20-foot diameter x 80-feet deep!

Need an experienced Drilling Contractor in Washington? Look no further!

We work closely with both geotechnical and structural engineers to help provide an accurate and realistic bid, based on your design. We also provide free site visits and analysis of your project requirements. View our past works and get to know DMI Drilling, or come into our headquarters and let’s discuss building your foundation.

Our goal at DMI Drilling – to build you a strong foundation for the future.

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