DMI Drilling Construction Company

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Drilled shafts wallDMI Drilling Construction was incorporated in Washington State in October of 1991. We are responsible, well-qualified, and experienced in most methods of drilling construction. We stand above the competition by offering you personalized service. Our proficient personnel and fleet of versatile equipment make us innovative leaders in all areas of drilling operations. We recognize that in order for you to be successful, you must put your best team in the field. We would like the opportunity to be a part of that team.

While our office and 9.5 acre yard are located in Sumner, WA., we have worked in all states west of Colorado, with the exception of California. We presently own and operate more drilling equipment than any contractor based in the northwest; twenty-two drill rigs, performing a wide variety of drilling related construction.  In addition to our fully equipped mechanical and fabrication shop, we have a large range of support equipment, including excavators, cranes, dump trucks, backhoes, lifts, semi-trucks, trailers, etc.

Retaining wallsWe maintain an inventory of steel casing, timber lagging, and other construction products in order to react timely to emergency situations.

Our Founder, Donald Morin, has been in the drilling business since 1955; our Owner/President, David Morin, since 1978; and our Vice President of Operations, Ed Chappelle, since 1987.  All of our operators/superintendents have 10 to 30+ years experience in the business. Resumes are available for all parties upon request.

We work closely with both geotechnical and structural engineers to help provide an accurate and realistic bid, based upon your design. We can also provide free site visits and analysis of your project requirements.

We are interested in all forms of drilling related construction, including but not limited to: excavation support systems, Soldier Beam retaining walls, landslide stabilization, shotcrete retaining walls, soil nail walls, secant walls, elevator jackshafts, underpinning and deep foundations for towers, transmission line foundations, pole structures and caissons. We specialize in difficult access situations and have the equipment and experience to drill almost any shaft. Recently we completed a project including a drilled shaft at 20 foot diameter x 80 foot deep!

We offer a rental service if it is determined to be in your best interest.

Should you wish to expand our scope of work, we have an experienced team capable of meeting the task. For example: concrete slabs, precast concrete panels, grade beams, walls, excavation, roads, etc. While we do not actively seek this work to avoid being in competition with your needs, we do offer this service if requested.

It is our goal at DMI to construct your project as described in our proposal and for the price you have been quoted.